Star Medallion Headband Pattern

Unfortunately, it has been a lot longer than I intended to be able to have another post; the pandemic happened and suddenly everyone was home all of the time. Crocheting was not a top priority. However, I am back, at least for right now, and I have great news! I have a new pattern available for purchase on Ravelry. The other great news is that my Royal Club Circlet has 89 unique downloads! I am really excited!

The new pattern is a Star Medallion Headband and you can find it here: I wear glasses, so I have a hard time wearing traditional headbands. Quite often I have trouble wearing store bought elastic or fabric headbands too, they always seem to fall out of place. My solution: custom-sized headbands. They are much more comfortable and so far have stayed in place a lot better. I especially like incorporating an elastic hair tie in the headband so that it has a little give but still stays in place.

The pattern uses a combination of treble crochets, chains, single crochets, and beads. There are some special stitches that I used, but there are picture and written tutorials for the special stitches. The beads could be optional if you really do not want to use them. I hope you enjoy, and if you do purchase it, please send me any feedback you have. Thank you!

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