It’s A Wrap-May

As May comes to a close, it is time for me to review what I have accomplished and start planning for next month. If you need a reminder of what my goals were this month, they can be found in my blog May Madness. As long as I can last 3 more days without buying yarn, I will have accomplished all of my May goals! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. You can check out my Store and Facebook Page to see the goals I accomplished there.

I did change one of my goals slightly to accommodate the yarn I have. Instead of making an American Girl dress, I made an outfit instead. Most of my stash is worsted weight, but most dress patterns I found would have been difficult with worsted weight yarn. Here are the pictures:

Doll Clothes Collage


The patterns I used were:

American Girl Basic DC Short Sleeve Top (I think this may have been written for a Mini, my original was much too small for my doll)

Carpenter Pants for an American Girl Sized Doll

The poncho was inspired by one of Elaine Phillips’s patterns:

American Doll Granny Square Poncho

Now on to my goals for June. 

Manage My Business

Sometimes we all need advice from experts, this month I will be seeking the opinion of several. I need to meet with someone at my local Small Business Administration to make sure I am meeting any local requirements. I want to meet with a tax professional to have some questions answered. I finally found a bank in my area that offers free small business checking accounts, so I will most definitely be opening a dedicated account. 

Crochet of Course!

I have 3 projects that I need to get accomplished this month. I started a Hooded Owl Blanket for my sister, that has been sitting in a bag for about a month and a half. I need to finish it first and foremost. I also have the yarn to do a child sized one as well, which will be my second project. Finally, I need to make another American Girl dress or outfit to use up more of my yarn stash.


I have the same goal for June as I did for May, I need to publish a post once a week. There is a goal within this too: there is a post I have been wanting to write since I started the blog, but I just haven’t dedicated the time to writing it yet. I want to make sure I do it well. It is on my list for June, so hopefully you will be reading it in a couple weeks! Finally, I want to upgrade my website. I’m working from my stash again this month, so hopefully, it will happen.


What are your favorite stash busting projects?  Please let me know in the comments, I am always looking for new projects!



4 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap-May

  1. Great job with your goals!! Doesn’t it feel great to go through the month and check things off as done, done & done!! Coasters are a good way to use up some yarn plus you can put them up on your shop. If you have any cotton yarn – pot holders, cleaning cloths and wash cloths would be nice. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tami! Unfortunately I don’t have any cotton to use up. A neighbor gave me a bag of yarn that was mostly acrylic and had two skeins of olefin. I think since I didn’t make a specific goal not to buy yarn, I may invest in some cotton!

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