Bernat Blanket Yarn

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or received compensation from Yarnspirations or its subsidiary Bernat.

I have recently used Bernat Blanket yarn to create a couple of really great projects. However, I seemed to have been on a learning curve with using it. It is the first super bulky yarn I have used. Today I would like to share some information about this yarn, and how to use it.

Bernat Blanket is 100% polyester so it can be machine washed and dried. The care instructions from the manufacturer are “Wash in water (not exceeding 86°F/30°C)at delicate setting. Do not bleach. Tumble dry at low heat, at delicate setting. Do not iron or press. Do not dry-clean.” The recommended needles for knitting are 8 mm/U.S. 11 and the recommended hook for crocheting is 8 mm/U.S. L/11. There is a variety of colors available from several different collections. Some of the collections are Blanket, Baby and Brights; the main difference being the colors available. The balls come in several different sizes including 10.5 oz/300g, 5.3oz/150g, and 3.5oz/100g. 

Bernat Blanket Close Up


Bernat Blanket is readily available, at least in the United States. I have personally seen it at Ben Franklin Crafts, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Meijer and Walmart. This yarn works up exceptionally fast since it is so large. It is sooooooo soft and squishy, when I work with it I just want to curl up in it (wait, maybe that is a con since I am  supposed to be working…). There are a lot of colors to choose from, most of the stores I saw only carry a few of the colors, but you can always find more online. It is really easy to care for: it’s yarn that can go in the dryer, how great is that?

Baby Blanket


Weaving in the ends has been an adventure. I normally use a needle and weave the ends through the yarn itself and the knots to make sure the end will not come back out. It isn’t really possible with this yarn. I have two methods that I have been using instead. I have a giant needle that, after a lot of effort, I can get the yarn into the eye of the needle. I can then weave the ends back under the stitches. I have also crocheted over the ends, drawn them up to the next row and continued crocheting over them.  This is my least favorite method for loose ends as it can affect the size of your stitch and, to me, really doesn’t feel secure. 

I have also had to adjust my stitches. It may just be me and the fact that I was not using the recommended size hook, but I have found that using any stitch larger than a single crochet (double crochet, U.K.) or half double crochet (half treble, U.K.) ends up loopy. When I was using a size N 9 or 10mm, I was able to correct the loops by keeping the tension really tight. My current project is the Bulky & Quick Hooded Owl Blanket by MJs Off The Hook Designs. The pattern calls for a Q 16mm hook and said that 1 strand of Bernat Blanket could be substituted for two strands of Bernat Chunky. In order to have my stitches look decent, I have had to switch from yarning over to yarning under on my double crochets (treble crochet, U.K.).

Frogging…do not frog unless you have no other choice. Frogging Bernat Blanket led to reduced fluffiness, shedding, and the end of the yarn falling apart. It does regain some of the fluff when it is washed and dried, but I was definitely able to tell a difference between what had been frogged and what had not. Additionally, drying may take longer. I thought I had sufficiently dried a blanket but after it had sat in a plastic bag overnight, it was obvious that it had not been dry.


Personally, I really like this yarn. I really want to make a blanket or a robe with it for myself. One last note, all of the colors are not necessarily available in all of the sizes, especially the Baby Blanket colors.

Have you used this yarn? What did you like/dislike about it? 

4 thoughts on “Bernat Blanket Yarn

  1. Oh the joys of weaving in fat yarn ends!!! I leave a very long tail and weave a Z shape across a few rows – going in one direction then finding a nice place to go down a row and weave back in the opposite direction, go down a row and weave the same direction as you started. That end will be very secure!! I’ve used this yarn several times – it is so soft and squishy!! By the way, there is no difference between Bernat Blanket and Bernat Baby Blanket except for the color collections. 🙂

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