Inventory Tag-Freebie Alert!

In working on my goals for this month as outlined in May Madness, one of the things I wanted to tackle was to create an inventory tag. I really wanted something that I could put on any of my products, remove easily, and have important information such as the pattern designer, item number, price, size if applicable, and of course my contact information. Basically, I wanted my customer to have everything they need to place an order in case they wanted to have additional similar items made. I also wanted a quick, easy way to keep track of any inventory sold for my own records.

LuLusYarnArt UPC Tag

I have my logo on one side and all of the important information on the other side. What I do is print one copy, turn it over, print on the second side (my printer doesn’t always handle two-sided printing well). Then I take out my trusty paper cutter, cut it into the individual tags, and use a single hole punch in the corner. I get 18 tags from each sheet and can use it on any of my products. I just put two of these on each item, one for the customer and one for me to keep when it sells.

Over the years, I have used plenty of free patterns, templates, etc. and it is time for me to give back. So I have included an editable copy below to get you started. It is a Word document and pretty self-explanatory; but, if you have questions, please feel free to ask in the comments! Feel free to change fonts, colors, add information, take information away, whatever you need for your business. This at least will give you a starting point and hopefully save you some time.

Price Tag Demo

Not sure how to create an item number with meaning? Check back next week and I will show you my method.


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