First blog post

Welcome to the LuLu’s Yarn Art Blog! I will be sharing crochet tips, tricks, tutorials and maybe even patterns. I love crochet!

I am mostly self-taught through books and video tutorials,  and over the last 13 years since I first began my crochet journey, I have encountered many challenges. I would like to provide you with some shortcuts courtesy of my struggles.

A brief introduction to who I am, my name is Meghan. I am a stay at home mom for a wonderful three-year-old son. During the first two years of my son’s life, I wanted to do something productive but at the same time something that was just for me while he napped. It needed to be quiet (I did NOT want to sacrifice my quiet time!!!), mobile, and easily cleaned up out of reach of a mischievous toddler. I dove headlong into two things: crochet and yoga. I have learned a lot and have decided to take a leap of faith and start my own small business and blog. I have a Facebook business page where I have a few items available for purchase. I can also be contacted for custom work at

Thank you for visiting! If you have anything you would like to learn about or ask, please let me know.

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